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Obsession 17 Draws to a Close After Another Successful Year!

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Obsession 17 Draws to a Close After Another Successful Year!

Northcote, our luxury country house hotel client in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire, whose restaurant has held a Michelin star for 20 years, has just finished hosting their annual gastronomic event, Obsession. The event took place over 17 consecutive nights, starting on January 20th, and welcomed 23 chefs from around the world, with 16 Michelin stars between them to cook their own unique Obsession menu in Northcote’s kitchen.


The event, now in its 17th year, was a huge success once again and brought 1,856 diners to Northcote to enjoy some unique and delicious food from chefs from nine different countries. The celebration was brought to a close with dinner cooked by their very own Chef Patron, Nigel Haworth.


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Obsession Nigel Haworth Dish

The hotel boosted its gastronomic credentials as chefs from as far as Australia and Japan came to Northcote to celebrate great food, wine and the coming together of friends old and new. Nigel and Executive Head Chef Lisa Goodwin-Allen, love the idea of getting together with great chefs to come up with ideas for new and exciting ways create unique and spectacular food. This year guests were introduced to a number of incredible dishes from Ana Ros’ deer heart creation to Michael O’hare’s Iberico Pork and edible egg shell. Each of the dishes were presented in a beautifully unique style maintaining the level of excellence that the restaurant strives for. Front of house completed the experience with their fantastic genuine service.


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Obsession Michael O’Hare Dish

The atmosphere was vibrant and exciting across the 17 nights. Every year Obsession brings a host of world class chefs and interesting cuisines to Northcote to create a fantastic gastronomic celebration and this year was no exception.  We really hope to see you all next year for Obsession!





Find out more about Northcote at www.northcote.com