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A new daily digital destination and community for discerning pet-owners
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Pet-Fi is a new daily digital destination and community for discerning pet-owners that provides its members with the highest quality information, services, destinations and products to enhance experiences with their animals. Initially launching in the UK, this single destination visual experience that comprises a website and an app, will entertain and inform users with intelligent, engaging content across pet-centric travel, hospitality, design, fashion, charitable causes, as well as exploring the unique relationships between pets and their owners.


The focus of the Pet-Fi platform is diverse and surprising content, especially beautifully created films that are both memorable and shareable to ensure these curious consumers become a loyal, retained audience for brands to engage with. In one digital location, users will be able to discover content, enhance their pet lifestyle and collaborate with others with a shared interest. One example that brings together these three elements is the City Ambassadors. Starting in London, these people will be hand-picked by the Pet-Fi team because of their relevance and influence to become the curators of content in the city to offer users a personalised experience.


Pet-Fi will also use the platform to support the incredible efforts of accredited programmes for domestic and world animal conservation. Pet-Fi was conceived and founded by Director, Jennifer Stevens .




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