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One-of-a-kind travel experiences
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Fixers Travel is a brand new travel company that makes it easy to discover and book extraordinary holidays. Fixers believe that life is too short for ordinary holidays so offer trips to magical locations including Finland, Romania, Italy and Morocco, for one-of-a-kind experiences with easy booking and low deposits.


Fixers take the pain out of curating and booking a trip, combining elements of what they believe makes a great holiday, for example some luxury, some adventure and some time to spend exploring a new cities bars, restaurants and sights. Working with their trusted community of ‘Fixers’ around the world, they ensure holidays are everything they should be. Whether it’s tips on the locations travellers need to visit, where to stay, ideas for adventure or secret spots to eat/drink/party, Fixers aspire for people to never settle for anything less than an extraordinary holiday.




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